Swedish Snus Hotel Service - Express Delivery

Swedish Snus Hotel Service - Express Delivery

We appreciate that you may run out of snus when you are away from home. That is why we have created a unique snus hotel delivery service in conjunction Kerry Express, one of Thailand’s most reputable logistics companies.
We can replenish your stock of Swedish snus within 24-48 hours of you placing an order. All you need to do is visit our website and register a new account. Enter the relevant details, including your full name, room number, hotel address, and the telephone number of the reception desk. Once you have registered, you can then order your original Swedish snus.
You will then need to inform the hotel’s front desk that you are expecting a delivery from Kerry Express and leave the money with the reception. There is no need for bank transfers or payments by card. It is a Cash on Delivery (COD) service giving you added peace of mind. All delivery fees are included in the price you see on our website, so there are no additional costs. Regardless of where you live in Thailand, we can deliver directly to your hotel, ensuring that you never run out of original Swedish snus.

How much snus can you bring into Thailand?

Under Duty-Free regulations, individuals can bring 250 grams of snus into Thailand without being subject to duty. Of course, you will have the excess confiscated by Thai Customs and be liable for a fine if you get caught bringing in more. The reality is that genuine original Swedish snus is expensive in Thailand and approximately double the price you would pay in Sweden.

Who are the Swedish Snus Co., Ltd?

The Swedish Snus Co., Ltd was started by two Swedish expats living in Phuket, Thailand. Both have lived with their families in the Kingdom for more than 15 years and have several business interests in various fields; indeed, they are very much entrepreneurs! Both are snus users themselves, so they would never be tempted by any of the inferior locally produced Thai snus. They were previously reliant on friends and family bringing snus from Sweden, sometimes getting snus sent to Thailand. However, as many of you have experienced, this was an unreliable way to receive snus, with packages often seized by Thai customs. Frustrated by frequently going weeks without original snus and embarrassed by asking friends to pack their bags full of snus, they decided to start legally importing snus to Thailand and selling it on to other users.
Once the pair had decided to push forward with their plans, they needed to determine which products they would import. Obviously, the only option was genuine Swedish snus, and Swedish Match was a natural choice. Of course, establishing the business and obtaining the correct licenses and permits was challenging, mainly as no one had ever legally imported snus to Thailand before.
Swedish Match was incredibly supportive, agreeing to open an account even before the business had been established. They provided guidance with obtaining a unique customs number, and our first pallet of original Swedish snus arrived in Thailand in November 2019.
Once the Swedish snus arrived in Thailand, the company’s Thai agent responsible for arranging licenses was waiting at the airport to arrange customs clearance. However, this was far from the end of the process, with our teams needing to separate the rolls and apply tax stamps and Thai labels on the boxes before everything needed to be repackaged. All of this was a slow and arduous manual process.

Retailers and Private Customers

After the original snus had been repackaged, it was time to start building a customer base. While the owners knew some private individuals waiting for snus, they needed resellers and more private customers. Some resellers existed in Bangkok and Phuket, but they were few in number and not sufficient to grow the business. Of course, to increase brand awareness, they needed a quality website suitable for resellers and private individuals. They also needed to be “on the ground”, going around meeting potential resellers and promoting their products.
After a lot of hard work, a second pallet was ordered, but unfortunately, Swedish Co., Ltd encountered, like most businesses worldwide, their biggest challenge, COVID-19. Thailand went into lockdown in March 2020, which resulted in most resellers being forced to close or as they were reliant on tourists, and demand vanished. It was quickly evident that the emphasis needed to be placed on the website to stay in business. By targeting expats, predominantly Scandinavians, the company managed to keep their stock turning, and thankfully, two years later, sales are continuing to rise at an impressive rate.


Swedish Snus Co., Ltd initially started to sell one brand of snus, XR General Strong Slim White, primarily as they could only order whole pallets from Swedish Match. Naturally, this meant that the range was limited, but in 2021, XR Rape Strong Slim White was added to the range, with the company successfully managing to rotate orders from Swedish Match to satisfy demand. At the time of writing, four snus brands are stocked.
The company always has one eye on the future and plans to import ZTN Nicotine Pouches from Swedish Match. We are expecting an influx of tourists into Thailand, and the company anticipates that will sales rocket which will enable them to expand their range further with more varieties from Swedish Match’s superb selection.


Swedish Snus Co., Ltd have established retailers in all the major tourist destinations. If you are in one of these locations, you can contact us via WhatsApp, LINE, or email, and we will advise you of your nearest reseller. Our head office is in Phuket, although we do not have a physical sales point for retail customers as it is our hub for sending snus nationwide. If you are in Phuket and need snus, we can help you, but we can offer a discount if you can wait 24 hours!
We are continually expanding our network of resellers, which currently stands at around 70 across the country. We can send genuine Swedish snus to anywhere in the country regardless of if you are in a major city or small village. If you would like to become a reseller of our products, please contact us, and don’t forget, our Nicotine Pouches are coming soon!

Snus Café

We have several ideas about how we can promote Sweden’s black gold throughout Thailand. In the future, we aim to acquire our own point of sale in Phuket, hopefully, a Swedish snus café that will stock our complete range. Although the idea is still in its infancy, we anticipate that it will become a reality in a couple of years when the tourists return.