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XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Portion Snus

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XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White is a white portion snus with hints of lavender and juniper, as well as notes of wood and citrus. The snus comes in long, narrow, white portions whose surface is dry, which gives a low flow.

The snus has a pH value of 8.7 and a moisture content of 46%. A box weighs 16 g and each portion weighs 0.8 g. Each box contains 20 portions/pills. XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White has a shelf life of 140 days from the production date.

Brand XR Göteborgs Rapé
Product Type White portion
Strength Strong
Nicotine content 8,5 mg/g
Content/Packaging 16,8 g
Snus Type Strong White Portion
Format Slim
Producer Swedish Match