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One White Portion Strong Snus

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Swedish Snus - Smokeless Tobacco Product

The new One White (Vit) is a new-old novelty in the One series. One White is inspired by the well-known General One White. In addition to a new box design, One Vit comes in portions with a completely new, thinner paper, so that the snus can get closer to the snus.

Each flavor in the One series has its own character and signature and to make it easier to remember which flavor you prefer, all flavors are linked to a color that tells something about the taste.

Ingredients: tobacco (contains nicotine), water, salt, acidity regulator (E 500), humectant (E 1520), plant fiber, aromas.
Brand One
Product type White Portion
Strength Strong
Flavor Traditional
Nicotine content 13 mg/g
Contain / can (gram) 20 g
Snus type Strong White Portion
Format Normal
Producer Swedish Match