Helwit Mint Slim

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Helwit Mint Slim 

Helwit Mint has a classic taste of mint. The portions are in the slim format and are delivered in normal strength nicotine portions.

Helwit is a new All White brand from Yoik. Helwit is created in Yoik's climate-smart factory in Gransholms Bruk outside Växjö, where the factory is self-sufficient through a hydroelectric plant located a stone's throw from the factory. Sustainability is in focus, everything from the box that is produced from pine oil to climate compensation

Brand Helwit
Product type White portion
Strength Normal
Flavor Mint
Nicotine content 7 mg/g
Contain / can (gram) 10 g
Snus type Slim All White Light
Format Slim
Producer YOIK